Puncture Resistant Tyreicon

Crown Tyres is Pakistan’s first company that has managed to produce and implement its puncture resistant technology in motorcycle tyres which is now widely available across the country. Tyres from Crown can now withstand punctures caused by nails which used to cause a lot of hurdles in normal tube tyres. Crown Puncture Resistant Tyres comes with a Puncture Resistant Tube which allows riders to go by any puncture with a complete revolution of the affected tyre.

Note: We advise customers to keep air pressure not more than 30 PSI to keep the solution in the product in working condition.


We follow the same values of our parent company Crown Group. This helps us maintain and promote the best organizational environment, increase productivity within our workforce and serve our customers better.

  • Customer We believe there is only one boss for every business and that’s the customer. That is why we tailor our policies to prioritize end consumer benefit over everything. All of our team members work very hard to follow this.
  • Teamwork We conduct several dinners, conventions, trips and activities to promote an environment that works in a team. We do not want individuals who prioritize their personal benefits over their team.
  • Integrity It helps us deliver better, whether it’s within our team or with our customers; it defines our personality as an organization.
  • Goals We are very ambitious. Thus, rather than just planning we make measurable goals for their respective timescales and put in every effort to achieve them. We follow this throughout all departments and businesses.

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