Puncture Resistant Technology

Crown Tyres is Pakistan’s first company that has managed to produce and implement its puncture resistant technology in motorcycle tyres which is now widely available across the country. Tyres from Crown can now withstand punctures caused by nails which used to cause a lot of hurdles in normal tube tyres. Crown Puncture Resistant Tyres comes with a Puncture Resistant Tube which allows riders to go by any puncture with a complete revolution of the affected tyre.

Note: We advise customers to keep air pressure not more than 30 PSI to keep the solution in the product in working condition

Anti-Slip Technology:

It is no doubt a challenge on rough roads specially in the metropolitan areas of Pakistan where traffic and sheer braking is a normal ordeal. However, there are solutions to this problem where Crown Tyres excel in with Anti-Slip Technology. Crown Tyres are manufactured using imported Indonesian rubber with anti-slip technology which prevents tyres from slipping and wobbling. The essence of Crown Tyres and Tubes accords durability and consistency in terms of strength and life of the product. So, no matter what the terrain is, the traction of the Crown Tyres is optimally designed to withstand such extremes.

Indonesian Rubber:

One of the challenges of the company is to make sure that the services provided in terms of manufacturing tyres and tubes to the customers is the quality of raw materials used to produce the products. For this particular reason, Crown uses premium Indonesian Rubber Technology to support the premise. The certain raw material blends in with the Anti-Slip phenomena which makes the promise of the company viable.

6-Months Warranty:

Our foremost objective is to make sure that the brand promise is consistent in every avenue of its operation. However, Crown Tyres and Tubes have a 6-month warranty policy for consumers and dealers in case of any adverse repercussions which is available nationwide. Reasons why Crown has been the first choice of each and every consumer of the subject matter is because of the value proposition that follows after the purchase intent made by the host. Users can refer to the terms and conditions prescribed on the packaging of the product.


One of the main reasons why Crown has been excelling since the past 20 years is having the expertise of setting the best mix of price and quality of its products. The company has put it foremost focus on providing best quality products to its customers and the uncompromised services has resulted in an immaculate brand loyalty. The pricing of the products has been recommended by the customers themselves which shows how well Crown Tyres and Tubes are priced at.

Customer Service:

In order to make sure that our customers are being heard by the Crown team, a dedicated customer support is available for general queries such as dealership information, dealers location, tyres technical notes and etc. Our customer service representatives are trained to cater your questions with solutions at 021-111-000-FIT (348).